What's a Biodynamic Massage Therapy?

Biodynamic massage has been developed by Gerda Boyesen in her farm in Norway during the early 1950s. In this technique, the oil extracted from the leaves and barks of the Aloe plant is used. The oil is from an Aloe variety only, rather than the normal type that you find in cosmetics or skin care products. In fact, it has never been used before as a source of massage oil.

One of the main purposes of the oil extract of Aloe is to help heal tissues and heal individuals. Since this technique aims at providing a deep healing effect in the body, the oil from Aloe plants should be pure and natural, and not artificial, synthetic, or processed. It should also be derived from plants with a lengthy history of use for healing, and which have been studied rigorously for therapeutic value. For this reason, no synthetic products can be used in the extraction procedure of the Aloe plant. In reality, there are only a few specialized companies that use this sort of oil in Biodynamic massage treatment.

The use of Aloe in Biodynamic massage Cranial treatment was initially documented back in the 1930s in Germany, where it was used to relieve sunburn and to prevent sunburn. Since it's such profound healing attributes, many practitioners started using Aloe as a means to treat deeper tissue injuries, like those that occur in athletes and the ones that occur in patients that are receiving chemotherapy. It was also found to help relieve pressure and stress on the lower spine, and on the kidneys, colon and bladder. These effects made Aloe a popular supplement for bodybuilders and helped the German military use Aloe for wounded soldiers. Today, Aloe remains a popular nutritional supplement for sports injuries and is used for its healing and restorative qualities.

When the Aloe chemical is used as a massage oil, it penetrates the skin and soothes both the muscles and connective tissue, aiding in the relief of pain. The therapist will employ light strokes with their fingertips on both sides of the spine, beginning at the bottom and working upward. They may also use other tools like frozen wax, or the fingers themselves to massage the Aloe compound into the desired locations. To get the maximum benefit, the massage therapist should apply pressure simultaneously with using their fingertips on the opposite sides of the spine, to promote circulation throughout the body. The quantity of Aloe used depends upon the needs of the individual and so varies from person to person - some might only need a small amount of Aloe to attain a relaxing effect.

The objective of Aloeride therapy, or Aloeride, is to promote relaxation and to decrease stress and anxiety. By relieving tension from the muscles of the patient, it helps enhance circulation, while at the exact same time stimulating the release of natural chemicals in the brain. These natural compounds stimulate the nervous system, which in turn improves mental function. By using Aloeride frequently, the therapists assert they've been able to decrease the amount of pain felt in patients suffering from ailments like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

For those who suffer from serious illnesses, or have just undergone surgery, Biodynamic massage can be quite helpful as it stimulates the immune system. A Swedish massage will usually do this, but a Biodynamic therapist has an understanding of how the body works. This type of treatment also targets the nervous system, along with the circulatory and digestive systems. This makes sense as the body's full health depends on the proper function of the systems. If any area isn't functioning properly, other organs are not functioning properly, and the entire body is then affected.

A frequent question asked by clients is whether they can be given a biodynamic massage treatment on their own. This is possible and depends on several factors such as the experience of the therapist, the type of massage being given and whether the client opts to receive the treatment on their own or in conjunction with another sort of therapy. When receiving a massage, a client should always ask the therapist about the techniques they intend on using. Many therapists incorporate the use of massage stones, herbal wraps, or other tools to enhance the effect. Some can even go so far as to add Music Therapy, which involves playing soft music in the background during the treatment session. This helps to calm the mind and relax the body.

The benefits of getting a Biodynamic massage are numerous. There are numerous different procedures to choose from and all utilize the principles of natural treatment. This means the treatment doesn't use any drugs or invasive surgical procedures. It focuses on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual state of the patient to care for the condition and improve their quality of life. For those who want to find a more holistic approach to healing that uses the mind-body connection, there is no better option than a biodynamic therapist.

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